Miklos Rozsa film music for piano, volume 2, 1995

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Track list:

1. Portrait of Lydia

2. The color red

3. The sea

4. Finale

5. Love theme from “So proudly we hail”

cd26. Love theme from “The woman of the town”

7. Nocturne

8. Love theme from “Desert fury”

9. Nocturne

10. Reminiscing

11. Main theme from “The seventh sin”

12. Farewell

cd513. Suite: Bobbi Cherie/Tous la haut la haut/Two for me


Knight without armor, 1994

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Piano by Daniel Robbins

Track list:

1. Alexandra’s song from “Knight without armor”

2. Concerto theme

3. Waltz and love theme

4. Deanna Durbin waltz

knight25. Love theme from “The strange love of Martha Ivers”

6. Prison stars

7. Jingle jangle

8. Concerto theme

9. Love theme from “The other love”

10. Love theme from “A woman’s vengeance”

knight111. Love theme from “Kiss the blood off my hands”

12. Hollywood sound stage