Compilation Albums

Romeo and Juliet, 1997
romeoListen to sample

6. Caesar now be still: finale

Ben-hur: the essential Miklos Rozsa, 2000

benhurListen to sample

5. Caesar now be still/finale

Shakespeare at the Movies, 2001

shakespeareCD 1

19. Julius Caesar: ‘Caesar now be still/finale

Miklos Rozsa – Three choral suites, 2005


1. Ben-hur: overture

2. Ben-hur: star of Bethlehem/Adoration of the Magi

3. Ben-hur: Rowing of the Galley slaves

4. Ben-hur:Alleluia

5. Ben-hur: parade of the charioteers

6. Ben-hur: miracle and finale

13. King of kings: overture

14. King of kings: Roman legions

15. King of kings: nativity

16. King of kings: the feast of passover

17. King of kings: Herod’s feast

18. King of kings: miracles of Christ

19. King of kings: the lord’s prayer

20. King of kings: Pieta

21. King of kings: resurrection and finale

Music from the films of Marlon Brando, 2006

brandoCD 2

2. Caesar now be still

Miklos Rozsa: A centenary celebration, 2007

celeb10. Caesar now be still