The red house, 2012

The red houseListen to samples

Track list:

CD 1

1. Main title and narration

2. The Morgan farm

3. The new hired hand

4. Oxhead wood mystery

5. Screams in the night

6. Pete’s strange knowledge

7. The barn

8. Nath explores the woods

9. meg asks questions

10. Attack in the woods

11. The accusation and the conspiracy

12. Search in  the woods

13. Swimming

14. Sunday dinner

15. Pete threatens Meg

16. Meeting in the woods

17. Crossing the stream

18. Pete warns Teller

19. Prayer Sequence

20. Graduation present

21. Meg finds the red house

22. Teller shoots at Meg

23. Pete’s grief

24. Meg’s accident

25. Nath and Meg

26. Ellen denounces Pete

27. Teller and Nath fight

CD 2

1. Who was Jeanie?

2. Ellen goes to the woods

3. Ellen’s death

4. Pete’s confession

5. Ride to the red house and the red house

6. Pete’s death and end title


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