The Prince and the Princess piano solo

sheet music“The music for the prince and the princess is vastly contrasted, so it is easy to determine which character is on the stage. The prince’s music is in quick march style with fine dissonant touches and modulation; that for the princess is slow and           singing with more than a hint of Satie. Somewhat out of the ordinary in the way of descriptive pieces, and an excellent teaching and recital number for imaginative players.”

– from a review of The Prince and the Princess written by George Anson appeared in Clavier Magazine

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Compilation Albums

Romeo and Juliet, 1997
romeoListen to sample

6. Caesar now be still: finale

Ben-hur: the essential Miklos Rozsa, 2000

benhurListen to sample

5. Caesar now be still/finale

Shakespeare at the Movies, 2001

shakespeareCD 1

19. Julius Caesar: ‘Caesar now be still/finale

Miklos Rozsa – Three choral suites, 2005


1. Ben-hur: overture

2. Ben-hur: star of Bethlehem/Adoration of the Magi

3. Ben-hur: Rowing of the Galley slaves

4. Ben-hur:Alleluia

5. Ben-hur: parade of the charioteers

6. Ben-hur: miracle and finale

13. King of kings: overture

14. King of kings: Roman legions

15. King of kings: nativity

16. King of kings: the feast of passover

17. King of kings: Herod’s feast

18. King of kings: miracles of Christ

19. King of kings: the lord’s prayer

20. King of kings: Pieta

21. King of kings: resurrection and finale

Music from the films of Marlon Brando, 2006

brandoCD 2

2. Caesar now be still

Miklos Rozsa: A centenary celebration, 2007

celeb10. Caesar now be still

Miklos Rozsa film music for piano, volume 2, 1995

cd1Listen to samples

Track list:

1. Portrait of Lydia

2. The color red

3. The sea

4. Finale

5. Love theme from “So proudly we hail”

cd26. Love theme from “The woman of the town”

7. Nocturne

8. Love theme from “Desert fury”

9. Nocturne

10. Reminiscing

11. Main theme from “The seventh sin”

12. Farewell

cd513. Suite: Bobbi Cherie/Tous la haut la haut/Two for me

The red house, 2012

The red houseListen to samples

Track list:

CD 1

1. Main title and narration

2. The Morgan farm

3. The new hired hand

4. Oxhead wood mystery

5. Screams in the night

6. Pete’s strange knowledge

7. The barn

8. Nath explores the woods

9. meg asks questions

10. Attack in the woods

11. The accusation and the conspiracy

12. Search in  the woods

13. Swimming

14. Sunday dinner

15. Pete threatens Meg

16. Meeting in the woods

17. Crossing the stream

18. Pete warns Teller

19. Prayer Sequence

20. Graduation present

21. Meg finds the red house

22. Teller shoots at Meg

23. Pete’s grief

24. Meg’s accident

25. Nath and Meg

26. Ellen denounces Pete

27. Teller and Nath fight

CD 2

1. Who was Jeanie?

2. Ellen goes to the woods

3. Ellen’s death

4. Pete’s confession

5. Ride to the red house and the red house

6. Pete’s death and end title

Spellbound, 2007

SpellboundListen to sample

Track list:

1. Main title

2. Green manors

3. First meeting

4. The picnic

5. The awakening; Love scene; The dressing gown; The imposter; The cigarette case

6. The letter

7. The empire hotel

8. The burned hand

9. The Penn station

10. Railway carriage

11. Honeymoon at Brulov’s; The white coverlet; The razor; Constance is afraid

12. Constance and Brulov

13. Gambling dream; mad proprietor’s dream; Roof-top dreams

14. Dream interpretation; The decision

15. Train to Gabriel valley

16. Ski run; Mountain lodge

17. Defeat

18. Constance’s discovery

19. The revolver

20. The end

21. End title – short

Julius Caesar, 1995


Listen to samples

Track list:

1. Julius Caesar overture

2. Praeludium

3. Caesar’s procession

4. Flavius arrested

5. Feast of Lupercal

6. Caesar and his train

7. The scolding winds

8. Brutus’ soliloquy

9. Brutus’ secret

10. They murder Caesar

11.The ides of march

12. Black sentence

13. Brutus’ camp

14. Heavy eyes

15. Gentle knave

16. Ghost of Caesar

17. Most noble Brutus

18. Battle at Philippi

19. Titinius enclosed

20. Caesar now be still

21. Finale